Woozez Animal Rescue

When you adopt a pet from us, you get peace of mind. Our fosters are members of our families. They are cared for in loving homes, not in cages overflowing with sick animals. Our “kids” get age appropriate medical care, along with lots of love and attention!

We also pride ourselves on our “matching-making” abilities. Since these cats live with us, we know their likes, dislikes, quirks, etc. If you want a lap cat, we’ve got it! If you want a cat who chase your dog around for exercise, we have that, too! We take the adoption business very seriously to ensure a purr-fect fit for the kitties and your family. Your baby is a lifelong commitment and we want all beings involved to be happy! Please email Christine for info! Thank you!

Woozez News

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Mr. Sutherland who won the Woozez 50/50 Raffle at the Hartville Elevator celebration July 25th! Thank you for helping us help the animals!

The Art Of Kindness

Animal themed Art Show & Silent Auction to benefit the Stark County Dog Pound and Woozez Animal Rescue. Opening night is September 10, 2009 at 2nd April Galerie & Studios in downtown Canton, from 5 - 9pm. CLICK HERE for more details.

Artists who wish to display art in the gallery, CLICK HERE for details. 60% of the sale go to the artist, 40% goes to Woozez Animal Rescue and Friends of Stark Pound.

We need raffle items for our silent auction! Please email Christine for info: woozez@aol.com

Woozez Redeems Purina Weight Circles

Woozez redeems Purina weight circles from dog & cat food for valuable coupons. Mail weight circles to us at Woozez Animal Rescue, PO Box 8062, Canton OH 44711. Thank you!

It's Easy to Raise Money!

Collect ink and toner cartridges and cell phones at your office or school! All items are recycled for cash, with proceeds going toward vet bills for abandoned animals. Drop off items at Stark County Pet Supplies Plus locations http://www.petsuppliesplus.com, or email Marie for more information: mpritt68@neo.rr.com

A Note About Declawing

Cats need their claws for protection, as well as their physical and mental well-being. Please reconsider before you put your cat through this painful, cruel, and psychologically damaging surgery. Ask a Woozez volunteer for more info or a nail trim demo!