About Woozez Animal Rescue

Christine, the director of Woozez, started rescuing in 2001 after seeing a press release in the Repository about the Coalition for Animal Concerns. Her first fosters were a black mama cat named Nadia, who was dumped at the Emergency Vet Hospital with her 5 kittens. Mama Nadia and her 4 sons found great homes. The only female kitten, Hermione, was destined to part of the family, and still resides with Christine in her home today.   

Woozez is a small rescue group based in Canton, Ohio, who primarily work out of Not Too Tabby Resale Shoppe. They do not have a "shelter" building but do foster cats and kittens in the store.  All kitties are vaccinated, wormed, checked for fleas, ticks, and ear mites, and spayed when age approproate. You can see a list of available fosters at Petfinder or Adopt a Pet. Email woozez@aol.com for an adoption application.

How Can I Help?

If you want to help the animals and don't know where to start, there is always something you can do - no matter how small. 

1) SPAY/NEUTER! Not only will you be helping to control the over-population of pets, you will also be helping your pet to live a longer, healthier life.
2)  Spay/Neuter the strays in your neighborhood. Yes, we know. They’re not “your” cats. But if you care enough to feed and look after them, care enough to free them from the burden of reproduction. Ask us about low cost spay/neuter clinics, or ask about our transports.
3) If you have to move and cannot take your pet, ask a family member or friend to temporarily foster her until you get back on your feet. It’s more humane than dumping your baby at a facility where she will live alone in a cage – confused and scared – waiting for you to come back. If she survives long enough to be adopted, how do you know what kind of person is going to take your pet home??
4)  VOLUNTEER for a rescue group or in our resale shop! There are all kinds of rescues out there who would LOVE to have your help! If you don’t have room to foster, there is still a lot you can do!
5)  DONATE DONATE DONATE! Can’t fit one more thing on your plate? Don’t worry! Donations are always needed AND appreciated! Next time you are shopping for your pets, buy a little something for Woozez foster animals and drop it off at Not Too Tabby. Checks can be mailed to the store, and credit card donations can be made Paypal.com (to woozez@aol.com).