About Woozez Animal Rescue

Christine and her fellow volunteers make up Woozez Animal Rescue. They are a small rescue group based in Canton, Ohio and primarily work out of foster homes and Petsmart. They have a handful of dedicated volunteers who foster, assist at animal events, do fund- raising, and more! They are always looking for new friends to help the cause! Their goal is simple: they want to make Stark Co. (and the world!) a better place for animals. Whether it’s educating the public about pet issues or finding homes for abandoned animals, they feel they are changing lives for the better.

Stories with Happy Endings

Many of you have seen the plea from Eric Schickendantz , a rescuer in Akron Ohio, trying to find a home for FIV Cat Narley. He now has a loving (and maybe a bit unusual) home. He’s been looking for a home for over a year – we had him on the hurricanepetsrescue website for that long, and finally he has found a family. So never give up hope…there are still many loving people out there that help/adopt/spay/neuter!!! The wonderful couple who adopted Narley is from Southeast, TX! God bless them and all who rescue!!!! You can read about Narley's story here.